rv towing services
rv towing services

Top 10 Tips on What to Do When Your RV Breaks Down. | Top Gun RV Towing Services.

1. Stay Calm

Staying calm will help you to think more clearly, find solutions to the challenge and also keep you safe. It will allow you to communicate better with your travel companions and/or any potential service providers. Even though the situation may be stressful, take a slow, deliberate breath – five seconds in, hold for five seconds, then exhale for five seconds. You will immediately notice your stress levels drop and you’ll be able to focus more clearly on troubleshooting your RV.

2. Safety First

Keep safety cones, flares or emergency lights with you (in your RV or tow vehicle) to act as a warning signal to other drivers and keep yourself safe. Consider carrying safety vests or other safety products to increase visibility. Whenever possible, move your vehicle as far off the road as you can. If your vehicle is not fully out of harm’s way, don’t stay inside your vehicle. Safety cones will also help our drivers find you faster.

3. The Waiting Game

While your first call will most likely be to our Roadside Assistance, depending on where you broke-down – there may be a short delay. If you have your family on board, start thinking about staying warm and staying out of harms way.

4. Stay Positive, Keep a Sense of Humor

We know, it’s not easy when you’re in a tough situation, but trying to stay upbeat, positive and keep a sense of humor will help keep things in perspective. It’s a far better option than simply getting angry or stressing over it, as ultimately that won’t change the outcome. Look for the lessons, appreciate the beauty of your surroundings or find the humor in the situation. Trust us, this will likely be a funny story, later.

5. Keep Some Food and Water on Board

It’s possible that some breakdowns and repairs may leave you in a situation where you are parked for a couple days without easy access to water. Plan on carrying enough water in your RV’s fresh water tank for 24-48 hours in case you end up in a repair shop parking lot for a couple days.

6. Keep it in Perspective

Remember that repairs and breakdowns are all part of the journey. Embracing that concept in advance will help keep you in a good frame of mind. Sure, it will likely be inconvenient, but there may also be some unexpected blessings that come out of it. The unplanned, serendipitous kind of experiences can often turn out to be trip highlights!

7. Maintain Your RV

Properly maintaining your RV with both scheduled and preventative maintenance will help reduce the likelihood of a breakdown or needing repairs and finding yourself reading this list while you wait for a two truck. Hindsight, it’s probably better to make repairs on your own time than on the side of the road. It will ensure smoother and less expensive travel in the long run, which makes the journey that much more enjoyable.

8. Roadside Assistance Service with RV Towing

It’s a good idea to have Roadside Assistance that includes towing, and be sure to check your plan covers RV towing. Top Gun Towing works with most insurance companies. So don’t stress. Knowing you have towing service included will also reduce the temptation to drive an unsafe vehicle, and give you peace of mind. Check with your RV Manufacturer or Extended Warranty company to see if Roadside Assistance is included on your warranty.

9. Extended Service Contract / Warranty

Having a good extended service contract (commonly referred to as an extended warranty) on your RV can help reduce stress, by giving you peace of mind and financial comfort. Knowing that your out-of-pocket repair expense will likely be ‘capped’ at a pre-determined deductible (if that part/issue is covered by your policy) will reduce your concerns and ‘what if’ worries that can arise when you are unsure of the costs related to a repair. And, depending on your policy, your travel related expenses (hotels and meals) just may be covered if your RV is in the shop for a larger repair that keeps you out of your RV for several days (or more).

10. Be Prepared

Repairs and breakdowns are part of life, and not just RV life. They might be slightly more common in RV life because your home/vehicle is subjected to more movement and stress than a brick-and-mortar” home. When you are prepared for potential breakdowns or repairs by planning ahead and considering the potential risks or issues you may face well in advance, you will substantially reduce the stress (and cost) of the situation if / when the day comes.

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